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About us

Who we are and what our goals are

The Mediterranea luxury  real estate agency was born from the idea of its founder Riccardo Coluccia to turn to an increasingly demanding and international clientele, that of Luxury. In fact we offer on our portal luxury properties ranging from beautiful villas on the sea to the farms, to the typical local homes, from the castles to luxury apartments, trying to have a wider range of offers. Our policy is to create a network among various professionals in the sector, choosing the best ones to cooperate with.

Riccardo Coluccia began his profession as a real estate agent work since 2006, working first for various franchises in Italy such as Tecnocasa, Professionecasa, Meridionalefondiaria (of which he is today owner of the branch of Specchia (Lecce), and for other independent agencies, working completely indipendently starting in 2011. The collaboration with Celine Van Maldergem started in 2017; she brings her international baggage within Mediterranea luxury, in fact she is of Belgian origin, and has grown up between Paris, Brussels, Italy and the Greece then moved and lived for 17 years in America, dividing her time between New York, Hollywood, and Florida, working in media production, fluently speaks 4 languages.

It is with this combination of experience in real estate and international culture that we want to give the best to our customers, always trying to make them realize the dream or one of the dreams of their lives, to buy a property in a fantastic place where they can feel at home.